You don't have to do this alone.
The Happy Abroad Club is here to guide you to...

When you move abroad and
things turn out way different than expected...

Starting a new life abroad is exciting and adventurous at first, but the honeymoon phase eventually ends. Adjusting to a new culture, habits and customs can present unexpected challenges. What was once exciting and exotic can soon become annoying obstacles when establishing a daily life abroad that is nothing like a vacation.

Maybe you’re trying to build a circle of friends in this new country, so that you feel you belong. But it turns out way harder than expected.
Maybe you’ve lost your sense of purpose and meaning. You feel that your skills don’t seem to be valued here.

It all makes you question who you really are in this new setting, leaving you confused and overwhelmed.

sound familiar?
And it doesn't even stop there...

The mental and emotional stress starts affecting all your relationships. With your children, your friends, and even your significant other. It is hard to stay patient and positive.

While one of your biggest desires is to connect, networking might not be your favourite thing to do. Putting yourself out there when you don’t feel at your best to begin with isn’t easy.

You really long to feel seen, heard & understood.

It feels like the downward spiral
starts spinning faster and faster.

Let's fill your life abroad with
freedom, joy, love & happiness

What to expect in the Happy Abroad Club

Monthly focus

In the Happy Abroad Club, we are on a growth journey together. The monthly focus provides tailored knowledge, tools and tips on how to create the happy life abroad that you've always wanted.


Global experts

Every month, different guest experts provide additional content in the form of either presentations, talks or workshops. Integrating all these different perspectives ensures a holistic, broad picture of what life abroad is all about and how to thrive.


Q&A sessions

These monthly calls, hosted at several times throughout the month to accommodate different time zones, are your place to get all the questions that you might have answered. Focused, specific and targeted to YOUR needs.


Worldwide community

The value of being part of a group, where everyone is on a similar journey, is that you have found your people. This is where feel a sense of belonging and mutual understanding. Community is facilitated both in an online forum and in the Q&A sessions.


Let's sum up...

When you join the Happy Abroad Club you receive instant access to all the learning & support you need to create a happy & fulfilled life abroad for yourself and your loved ones.


  • Essential knowledge to build a happy life abroad
  • Hands-on tools to convert knowledge into action
  • Worldwide community to experience a sense of belonging
  • Accessible expert support to get your individual, specific questions answered
  • 59 pre-recorded conversations with experts available for instant streaming
until SEP 30

My name is Franziska and I am the founder of the Happy Abroad Club.

After living an international life and in an intercultural relationship for 2 decades, I am very familiar with the joys and challenges that come with globally mobile lives. This, coupled with my professional background and the experience from working with internationals for many years, have led to the collaborative platform of Be Happy Abroad.

The vision behind all this is to have a more connected, peaceful and generous world. Happy people, who are at peace with themselves, open & generous towards others and live with authenticity, contribute to this vision. In short: people who are genuinely happy & fulfilled.

The Happy Abroad Club is a place, where we learn, grow and increase our happiness together!

FAQ about the Happy Abroad Club

No, you will always keep the rate at which you sign up until you decide to cancel. Right now, you have the unique opportunity to join at the founding members rate, for €17 per month or €170 per year. The rate will never be this low again, and you get to keep it. Even though the rate increases!

Absolutely! You can always cancel at the end of the period you signed up for. So if you signed up for a month, and pay monthly, you can always cancel at the end of that month. If you chose the yearly membership, you can cancel at the end of the year.
At the time of canceling, you still have access until the end of that period, at which time your account closes, and you lose access to ALL elements of the Happy Abroad Club.

This will vary a bit, depending on several factors, among others your individual situation. It is also very much up to you, how much time you feel you need and want to invest in working with the contents, attending calls, and interacting with the global community.

The resources are always there, and designed to bring more happiness into your life abroad. 🌻

How the live calls are planned, depends on a few factors. If other experts are involved, it depends a bit on their time zone and availability. 

That said, there will be a fixed schedule of regular calls (for example the Q&A calls twice a month), and those will be timed at different times of the day, so that they are at a reasonable time for all time zones at some point. And then it is also a matter of making time for it. So if you think this is really important for you, and you want to prioritise your happiness, we encourage you to carve out that me time for yourself. It is part of our self-development journey as well.

Definitely. As a member, you always have access to the current and all previous months’ content. So if you for example don’t have a family (yet), you can always choose to work on something else. AND I would also encourage you to give themes that are not “for you” at the first sight a chance. You might be surprised how you can get value anyway.
In addition, you can always participate in the Q&A calls, and your questions do not necessarily have to be related to the month’s theme.
One pillar of the club is also the community forum, and there you can always ask and share whatever is relevant for you at any given moment.

So in short: there are so many ways in which the club delivers great value, and the monthly theme is just one of them.

Didn’t get your question answered here? Please write us an email and let us know. We are here to help.