Crafting a compelling vision amidst uphill struggles abroad

Embarking on an international adventure often carries unexpected career challenges. But what if the key to navigating these hurdles lies in crafting a compelling vision for your future? Dive into a transformative journey of resilience, clarity, and hope, as we unveil the profound impact of visualizing your aspirations, both in your career and personal life abroad.

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The Anticipation and the Reality

Many individuals move abroad fueled by optimism and belief in their capabilities, buoyed by a rich tapestry of experience, qualifications, and skills. However, the stark reality often strikes when the enthusiastic job applications are met with silence or, even more disheartening, rejections. The self-doubt begins to creep in, gnawing away at self-confidence and self-worth, leading to questions like “Why can’t they see my value?”

The Story of many Expats

This narrative is not uncommon. Franziska shares a personal account of moving to the Netherlands in 2011, expecting to easily land a job given her qualifications and multilingual abilities. Yet, the journey unfolded quite differently, with rejections coming even for jobs she was overqualified for. It’s a situation many expats find relatable: the struggle of trying to maintain one’s professional identity while being labeled merely as “the partner of…”

The Importance of Clarity in Vision

One fundamental aspect to focus on in this journey is the clarity of one’s vision. Instead of diluting career aspirations and settling for “just a job,” the emphasis should be on affirming dreams and gaining acute clarity on career objectives. Reflecting on past experiences, a crystal-clear vision not only aids in providing a direction but also empowers an individual to present themselves with conviction during opportunities like job interviews.

Unlocking the Power of a Vivid Vision

A compelling vision serves not just as a beacon for the future but significantly impacts day-to-day life, shaping how individuals show up in the world. As illustrated in “Co-active Coaching”, a compelling vision acts as a gravitational force, drawing individuals towards it with an irresistible pull, in contrast to being pushed or driven by external factors. The outcomes of having such a vision are manifold:

  • Instilling hope: Enabling you to set goals, focus on mental well-being, and elevate overall life satisfaction.
  • Providing direction: Acting as a compass that helps in making daily and pivotal life decisions that align with future aspirations.
  • Boosting creativity: Engaging your innovative thinking to find ways to make the vision a reality.

Crafting a future vision

Developing a vision for the future goes beyond envisioning what you want; it encompasses who you become in that future. Reflecting on personal growth over the past decade can often be a source of amazement and a foundation upon which to build a vision for the next 10 years. Asking questions like “What have you learned?”, “In which areas have you grown?”, and “Which impact have you had?” allows the creation of a future vision that is both ambitious and rooted in personal development.

The way forward

The journey of finding personal & professional fulfillment abroad is indeed a multifaceted adventure, encapsulating not just the geographical move but an emotional and psychological journey, often punctuated with unexpected challenges. Holding a clear, compelling vision can serve as a potent tool to navigate through these challenges, providing hope, direction, and sparking creativity to find unique pathways toward achieving that vision. And in this pursuit, understanding that the journey is not just about reaching the destination, but the personal and professional evolution that occurs along the way, becomes pivotal.

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