Happiness Breakthrough guide

For more freedom, joy, love & happiness in your life abroad

Does overwhelm & frustration get the best of you?
Grumpiness is taking over daily life,
and you are getting disillusioned about life abroad?

Hi, my name is Franziska Luxhøj.

After 15+ years in an intercultural relationship and 12+ years of living abroad, I am very familiar with the joys and challenges that come with

  • living abroad
  • being in an intercultural relationship
  • having a circle of international friends
  • raising children in a country that is not your own
  • having a multilingual life

And one thing I know for sure: we cannot thrive if we feel alone in this adventure, and we do not have to!

After figuring out my way to being happy abroad, I have now made it my mission to use my personal experience, in-depth knowledge and training to support others bring more freedom, joy, love & happiness to their lives abroad as well.