Happy Abroad Summit 2020

For a fulfilled & happy life abroad with your loved ones


Learn from 15 global experts for your happiest expat life.

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“In my opinion the content of the summit was well thought, diverse and great for starting an inner journey.
The diversity of the speakers and of the themes
was amazing and so needed.”

“I’m currently in your happiness abroad seminar…and I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much ❤
I find your energy and presence really healing, and this has helped immensely.”

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Happy Abroad Summit 2020

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6 themes covered by 15 global experts

When moving to a new country, at first we are super excited. We look forward to amazing experiences together with our loved ones and to exploring new places.

And then reality hits. Actually living abroad, establishing a daily life in which we thrive and are happy, becomes more of a challenge than we had initially expected.

My name is Franziska, and I created this summit as a go-to resource for international individuals, couples and families, who feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck in their life abroad.
15 global experts share their knowledge, tips and tricks on what it takes to create a happy & fulfilled life abroad.

Day 1: Navigate an international & intercultural life

Amazing people, who are living a life abroad or are in an intercultural relationship, share their experience on how to make this lifestyle a success for everyone involved.

Brunna Martelli

Life Abroad Coach & Intercultural Expert

Cultural differences can make you feel left out and insecure. But you deserve to feel good wherever you choose to live. Through AYVU coaching, Brunna helps you turn your new place into your new home, so you can feel confident and free to focus on what really matters. Her mission is to support you to finally get what you came to a new country for and to feel proud of who you are, no matter where you live.
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Rachel de Saint Pern

British lovepat in Jordan & YouTuber

Moving from a small village in the British countryside to an overcrowded, poverty stricken city in the Middle East, known for conservatism and religious extremism came as a shock to the senses. Even though Rachel was just visiting, within weeks she agreed to marry the man she’d followed abroad, and to live in Jordan indefinitely. Over the past 5 years she has learned to adapt, stretch and transform, finally falling in love with this remarkably different culture.
Rachel made all the mistakes you can make when moving abroad for love, and will be speaking about how to avoid common pitfalls, learn to let go of expectations, and learn to love your partner’s country as much as you love them.
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Franziska Luxhøj

Happiness Coach for intercultural families

Franziska brings a powerful combination of personal experience as expat partner, professional background in Change Management and HR, and expertise as a transformational coach to the table.
In this talk she guides you through the phases of expatriation and how to increase your capacity to master big life changes with ease. So that you can go from surviving to thriving and create the happy life abroad that you desire.
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Day 2: Strengthen your happiness skills

Happiness doesn’t magically come to some, and not to others. It is a choice and requires certain skills. Global experts are sharing their expertise on which skills are required and how to nurture them.

Sarah Sherwood

Resilience & Mind-Body Coach

Utilizing the wisdom of neuroscience, the Pause & Pivot method will guide you to rewire your brain for lasting change. You’ll learn how to get unstuck from deeply ingrained patterns so you can experience a renewed way of being in the world, one of presence, empowerment and grounded courage.
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Emily Strickler-van Hoek

Life & Confidence Coach

Emily helps people understand why they feel stuck, out of control of their emotions and not going after their goals. She teaches her clients thought awareness and the power of thoughts to create what they want. She helps them step out of a victim mentality and into empowerment. She shows them how confidence is like any other learnable skill, and most importantly, how to love themselves so they have more love to give the most important people in their lives.
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Geordoni Mckoy

Transformational Coach & TCK

Coach Doni’s helps her clients feel more confident in their skin, have more fulfilling relationships, and feel more self-empowered. Her personal experience of growing up in a bi-cultural world taught her how to be flexible, feel comfortable with NOT blending in with the crowd, and the power of creating your own lane. Two of her core guiding beliefs are “life is not always as hard as we make it” and “people can accomplish more when life doesn’t feel so heavy”.
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Day 3: Discover your life purpose & grow your career

Losing sight of your personal and professional ambitions in life, is a big challenge in international moves. Especially if your motivation for moving is love. Hear which tips & tools experts in this field have to share on how to get back on track and regain a sense of identity, purpose and goals.

Kathy Borys Siddiqui

Intercultural trainer & Facilitator

Kathy is an Intercultural Trainer, Creative CEO at Active Action, Facilitator, and Columnist at The International Denmark. A firm believer that if you are lacking something - create it! Kathy is the founder of Active Action - supporting International Spouses/Partners in their transitions with a strong focus on thriving and well-being.
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Stephanie Ward

Marketing Mentor & Meaningpreneur

This session is for you if you’re a business owner or have a business idea and and want to make a living doing what you love. To do that you need to have clear offers that are visible, you need to know how to talk about your offers, and you need to have strategies for connecting with your ideal clients. Stephanie will share practical tips you can use to be more visible and connect with more clients.
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Day 4: Build deeply connected & intimate relationships

Happy and thriving relationships can be a challenge to begin with. Add the turmoil and chaos that comes with moving internationally, and maybe even adding several cultures into a relationship/family – and the challenges multiply.
Day 4 is all about how to create and maintain the relationships in your life that you truly desire.

Marco Buschman

Master Coach & Author of “Connection Quotient”

When in conflict (at home) it’s human nature to blame everyone but yourself, but then you’re ignoring something crucial – it all starts with you! What are your driving forces and what part does your attitude play in creating the relationship you desire? Ready to be challenged and reflect on your own behaviours? Come over and listen to Marco Buschman, leadership expert, inspirational speaker, international facilitator, bestseller author and Master Certified Coach.
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Irene Fehr

Sex & Intimacy Coach

Hailed as "safe, loving, and powerful" by her clients, Irene helps couples committed to growth and each other to make love and sex work in a long-term monogamous relationship. She has successfully led hundreds of couples, from new parents to those celebrating their 30th anniversary, to shift out frustration and resentment to more intimate connection and passionate sex that becomes better with time.
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Day 5: Create a thriving family life

There are so many things to consider when building an intercultural, multilingual, diverse family life. How do you help children at different ages through change? How can you support them in embracing different languages and cultures? Listen in on day 5 for essential tips on these topics.

Dr. Bettina Gruber

Expert for multilingual families

Dr. Bettina Gruber is a linguist and mum of three multilingual children. She’s on a mission to empower multilingual families to successfully pass on all their languages with ease and joy.
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Stefanie Guth

Psychotherapist for children & youths

Stefanie Guth is psychotherapist for children and youths. She offers online counselling for families, children, adolescents and young adults who live abroad.
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Emily Rogers

Expat Parenting Abroad

There are amazing resources available to support you as an expat mum, the problem is finding the right resources and support when you need it most. Emily has taken the hard work out of the search, and has curated resources from various experts specifically to help you. Using on line video and communication tools, she supports her clients to truly become the expat mum they want to be, through one on one coaching or group support.
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Day 6: Establish sustainable feel-good habits

What to do if you are just too overwhelmed by everything that is going on, and it is hard to even get through the day?
Experts share their wisdom on how to optimize nutrition, exercise and mindset in order to experience more energy and motivation in daily life.

Sina Willmann

Personal Trainer  & Health Coach

Sina supports clients in launching a sporty and healthy lifestyle without turning their whole life upside down. As personal trainer and health coach, she shows you simple steps on how to experience daily life and your time abroad fit & powerful, and feeling comfortable in your own body. Sina has spent a couple of years as expat partner in Mexico and knows first hand, how important it is to take care of yourself and your body - especially while living abroad.
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Elizabeth Rankich

Breathwork Facilitator & Mentor

Elizabeth facilitates teams, retreats, and 1-on-1's using Breathwork and intuitive mentoring - supporting people to release stress, gain clarity, and to thrive personally and professionally. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who experienced first hand that having a proper focus on the wellness of mind, body, and spirit is the only way to keep a balance and maintain energy when work, family, and desires pull in all directions.
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My name is Franziska and I am the creator of the
Happy Abroad Summit.

After 15+ years in an intercultural relationship and 12+ years of living abroad, I am very familiar with the joys and challenges that come with

  • living abroad
  • being in an intercultural relationship
  • having a circle of international friends
  • raising children in a country that is not your own
  • having a multilingual life

And one thing I know for sure: we cannot thrive if we feel alone in this adventure, and we do not have to!

Which is why I have gathered some of the leading global experts on different topics related to thriving in your life abroad. In the Happy Abroad Summit, they are going to share their wisdom with you.