Happy Abroad Summit 2021

For a fulfilled & happy life abroad with your loved ones

Learn from 22 global experts to
experience your happiest expat life.

Learn from 22 global experts to experience your happiest expat life.

Experiences & success stories
from the Happy Abroad Summit 2020

“In my opinion the content of the summit was well thought, diverse and great for starting an inner journey.
The diversity of the speakers and of the themes
was amazing and so needed.”

“I’m currently in your happiness abroad seminar…and I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much ❤
I find your energy and presence really healing, and this has helped immensely.”

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Happy Abroad Summit 2021

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6 themes covered by 22 experts

6 themes covered by 22 experts

When moving to a new country, at first we are super excited. We look forward to amazing experiences together with our loved ones and to exploring new places.

And then reality hits. Actually living abroad, establishing a daily life in which we thrive and are happy, becomes more of a challenge than we had initially expected.

My name is Franziska, and I created this summit as a go-to resource for international individuals, couples and families, who feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck in their life abroad.
22 global experts share their knowledge, tips and tricks on what it takes to create a happy & fulfilled life abroad.

Day 1: Navigate an international & intercultural life

When moving abroad, everything seems like an adventure at first. But then reality hits, and we realise that this is not the same as a vacation. How do we feel welcome, at home and happy in this new environment, when faced with so many unfamiliar habits and patterns? Maybe we don’t even speak the local language? The amazing contributors on day 1 share their knowledge and tools on how to make the international & intercultural  lifestyle a success for everyone involved.

Martina Jeric-Ruzovits

Intercultural Communication Trainer

Different language, dialects, body language and communication patterns that differ, the significance of speaking the local language, small talk as well as social norms and taboos,...
Expectations and personal values may get in the way of living a happy life abroad - the reality may not be as expected!
Martina is an intercultural communication and business language trainer and she offers personal coaching and group training so that you can (re)integrate and feel welcome - in a different culture and a noticeable changed environment.
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Lyndsay Jensen

Wife, Mother & Entrepreneur

Lyndsay has over 20-years of experience in publishing and is the editor and founder of the Danish monthly The International – the only countrywide publication in Denmark focusing primarily on its vibrant international community. Lyndsay, whom love brought to Denmark thirteen years ago, is a British-born South African and the quintessential international in every sense of the word. Mom, to two grown boys, she counts calm and humility among her finest qualities, matched only by her ridiculously infectious personality.
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Christina Kapaun &
Wiebke Homborg

Founders of the Group Coaching ARRIVING

Living abroad can be one of the most exciting periods of your life, but also one of the most challenging. Why do we experience culture shock and what exactly is a reverse culture shock? Wiebke and Christina, both Intercultural Trainers and Coaches with a total of 30 years of experience abroad, share their insights on these critical phases of the expat experience and offer valuable tips how to cope with them. Together, they created “ARRIVING”, an Online Group Coaching Program supporting returnees during their transition back home.
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Day 2: Strengthen your happiness skills

Happiness doesn’t magically come to some, and not to others. It is a choice and requires certain skills. Global experts are sharing their expertise on which skills are required and how to nurture them.

Talu Sehra-Eckhoff

Global Happiness Coach

Talu is a certified Unitive Life Coach and Certified Happiness Coach by Berkeley Institute of Well-Being. Currently based in Hamburg, Germany having previously lived in many countries across the globe.
Talu's journey & experiences have constantly confirmed her love to work with people. She has a strong desire to make a difference and connect others to their true happy self, and unlock greatness, so they can choose happiness because being Happy Matters!
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Natalia Doulger

Self-Love Coach & Boudoir Photographer

Natalia is a Self Love coach and a boudoir photographer. Her mission is to help women feel at home in their bodies by helping them feel deeper states of joy, pleasure and unconditional self love so they can live life on their terms and never again question their worthiness.
In her talk she shared how the recent move to France opened the opportunity for her to deeply connect with herself and intentionally prioritise self-love in her daily life.
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Franziska Luxhøj

Expat Happiness Coach

Through 16+ years in an intercultural relationship and 14+ of those years living abroad, Franziska has been through a lot of the up's and down's that come with it. She has come to believe that one of the keys to heart-centred success & satisfaction in life is resilience. It has the power to turn hardship into challenge, failure into success and helplessness into power.
In this talk you get a mini toolbox to start building and increasing your own resilience and thriving more in your life abroad.
More about Franziska

Day 3: Discover your life purpose & grow your career

Losing sight of your personal and professional ambitions in life, is a big challenge in international moves. Especially if your motivation for moving is love. Hear which tips & tools experts in this field have to share on how to get back on track and regain a sense of identity, purpose and goals.

Jyoti Sharma

Women’s Magnificence Coach

Jyoti is a certified co-active coach empowering women to awaken to their own magnificence. Her own journey can be summed up as a quest to break free from the mental conditioning and live an aligned, purpose-driven life. She left a flourishing corporate career as an HR professional a few years back in pursuit of actively discovering and living her purpose. Today she helps other women step into their own power and live a fulfilling life.
More about Jyoti

Diana Medrea-Mogensen

Clarity Coach & Creator of Move Forward

Following her analytical workflow developed with business and project management principles (Move Forward), Diana helps individuals develop a passion for learning about themselves and their circumstances, so they can make strategic decisions that will take them where they want to go in a sustainable way. Her methods help small business owners, people in a career-changing process, and individuals wanting more structure in their lives to create a more intentional, successful, and fulfilled life.
More about Diana

Jannie Skov-Hansen &
Paul Vanderbroeck

Authors of the International Career Couple Handbook

Paul Vanderbroeck and Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen have both experienced the impact of international moves on their respective global careers and in their work as in-house HR professionals. With HERE WE ARE – The International Career Couple Handbook, Paul and Jannie have derived what makes couples successful and sustainable in the long term. Learn how to apply organisational methods and facilitate meaningful conversations with your partner to construct a map of the future.
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"There is nothing like the summit"

"I looked in the Internet about this subject a lot, but there is nothing like that. Nobody gives you info in such a complete way and very understandable for anybody. Everything is in one place."
Nathalia Diaz
Colombian in an intercultural relationship with a Scotsman

Day 4: Build deeply connected & intimate relationships

Happy and thriving relationships can be a challenge to begin with. Add the turmoil and chaos that comes with moving internationally, and maybe even adding several cultures into most of the relationships in your life – and the challenges multiply. What many of us experience is losing a sense of belonging.
Day 4 is all about how to create and maintain the relationships in your life that you truly desire and that make you feel that you belong.

Külli Nurk

Leadership & Communication Coach

You know that feeling where you should feel grateful for what you have, but you just don’t? Instead you feel you have no control over how you spend your time or what happens to your life or career now that you have moved abroad?
That’s where Külli - Self-Leadership and Communication coach - can help you. She helps people feel more in control of their own lives again through learning about themselves and creating deep connections and supportive relationships around them.
More about Külli

Dr. Julia Schönbrunn

Social Network Researcher & Mapper

As a social network researcher Julia believes in the power of relationships. She supports organisations, teams and individuals to discover the strength of interpersonal relationships to self-develop and thrive in a sustainable network. In this session she will discuss how the visualisation of your network (“relationship mapping”) supports you in forming meaningful relationships. We will reflect on questions such as:
How can I systematically build my network when moving abroad? How do I envisage my ideal personal network to be happier?
More about Julia

Ophélie Bocca

Blogger & Founder of My Foreign Half

Ophélie is a blogger and founder of My Foreign Half, a platform supporting binational and intercultural couples. In this interactive talk, you will learn about the “cultural iceberg” theory and how to use it in your daily life to build a healthy relationship with your foreign partner. You will also find out more about her project that enables you to join a community of like-minded international couples and expats.
More about Ophélie

Day 5: Create a thriving family life

There are so many things to consider when building an intercultural, multilingual, diverse family life. How do you help children at different ages through change? How can you support them in embracing different languages and cultures? Listen in on day 5 for essential tips on these topics.

Flor Breton-García

DEI & Family Language Consultant

Flor is a DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) and Language Consultant working with multilingual families for more than 8 years. Her passion for her native language Spanish has brought her to create Little Nómadas, a platform for cross cultural individuals and families to learn the Spanish language and Latino culture while creating a sense of belonging and identity. She teaches Spanish to children, teens and adults and designs diversity and inclusion programs for nonprofit organizations.
More about Flor

Tanya Crossman

Cross-cultural consultant & TCK/CCK advocate

Tanya Crossman is a cross-cultural consultant passionate about providing support to international schools and other organisations serving cross-cultural populations. Tanya is a leading expert in the field of modern Third Culture Kids and issues facing cross-cultural families. She is the author of Misunderstood: The Impact of Growing Up Overseas in the 21st Century, a book which opens a window on the experience of an international childhood in the internet age.
She has mentored hundreds of teenage and young adult TCKs and their families over the past 15 years.
More about Tanya

Marloes Huijsmans &
Lonneke van den Elshout

Founders of Me and My Big Move

Empower your kids for change in a creative and fun way! In this interactive talk, Marloes and Lonneke share their visual tools and techniques that help kids to create a growth mindset and build resilience in times of change. And it helps you communicate and stay connected. Marloes is a visual consultant and Dutch mom living in Taiwan. Together with Lonneke, Publisher and Dutch mom in Seattle, they founded Me and My Big Move, a creative platform to empower kids who move and grow up abroad.
More about Me and My Big Move

Denise Suarez

Parent Coach – Con Cariño

For better or worse, cultures can affect our parenting! In this session, we will look at how the cultures our families identify with can affect our parenting, and how to find the balance between respecting cultures and defining your family identity. We'll look at how to know when you're doing something you want to do and something you think you should do, how to let go of expectations and how to find the confidence in yourself and trust in your child.
More about Denise

Day 6: Establish sustainable feel-good habits

What to do if you are just too overwhelmed by everything that is going on, and it is hard to even get through the day?
Experts share their wisdom on how to optimize nutrition, exercise and mindset in order to experience more energy and motivation in daily life.

Rachael Lynn

Author, Expat & Journaling Queen

Rachael Lynn is an Author, Expat, & Journaling Queen with a love for inner reflection to calm the mind. In this interactive session you’ll walk through specific journaling prompts in real time to help you release tension + make a plan for your future (even in a time when it feels impossible to plan!)
She’ll also share how to build this daily practice into your life in under 5 minutes. No journaling experience required, just bring a pen and paper!
More about Rachael

Emi Louie

Master KonMari Consultant

Emi is a Master Certified KonMari Consultant, trained by Japanese organizing and decluttering guru, Marie Kondo.
She’s dedicated to helping people let go of both physical and mental clutter, so that they can make space for more joy and intention in their lives.
In this session, Emi will talk about the impact of clutter, and share practical tips to help you let go and get organized, even if you don’t know where to start.  
More about Emi

Frauke Girus-Nowoczyn

Holistic Empowerment Coach

Do you know the feeling that your life looks fine but it just doesn’t feel right? Instead, you feel that life is happening to you rather than through you. And living abroad doesn’t make it easier.
That’s where Frauke can help you with her unique holistic and creative approach and huge toolbox. She wholeheartedly helps her clients with the necessary tools to fully become the powerful Creator of their own life and regain their health at every level.
More about Frauke

The summit is not a one-off event.
It will have a lasting effect on your life.

"One of the biggest takeaways was: you don't feel alone. When you look at the stories, and the funny jokes when you first move to a country, and so on...they were unique!"
Natalia Volani
Greek living in Denmark

My name is Franziska and I am your host at the Happy Abroad Summit.

After 15+ years in an intercultural relationship and 12+ years of living abroad, I am very familiar with the joys and challenges that come with

  • living abroad
  • being in an intercultural relationship
  • having a circle of international friends
  • raising children in a country that is not your own
  • having a multilingual life

And one thing I know for sure: we cannot thrive if we feel alone in this adventure, and we do not have to!

Which is why I have gathered some of the leading global experts on different topics related to thriving in your life abroad. In the Happy Abroad Summit, they are going to share their wisdom with you.