Building blocks of identity: why embracing your strengths matters

Have you ever considered the immense power of self-awareness and embracing what makes you unique? Drawing inspiration from a recent visit to the Lego House in Billund, Denmark, we delve into understanding the potential within ourselves.

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The Infinite Potential of Simplicity

On my visit, a striking souvenir was handed to every visitor – a bag containing just six red 8-stud Lego bricks. While they appeared simple, a card also gave every visitor one unique combinations. The staggering number of unique combinations these six bricks could form is 915,104,765! The vastness of possibilities from such simple components is awe-inspiring.

Relating this to ourselves, if mere Lego bricks possess so much potential for uniqueness, imagine the potential within you – a complex mosaic of experiences, values, personal strengths, beliefs, and skills.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Internationals often grapple with understanding their worth and figuring out how to stand out. However, embracing our unique combinations can be the foundation for self-confidence and self-worth. Every facet of our being contributes to the bigger picture, similar to how Lego bricks build a magnificent structure.

Discovering the ‘You’ in You

When asked about ourselves, most of us list our academic qualifications, job roles, or nationalities. However, to truly understand and project our unique profiles, we need to focus on our values, strengths, and aspirations. Consider reframing questions like, “Tell me about yourself” to “What are your dreams? What truly matters to you?”

Highlighting Your Strengths

Today, we’re shining a light on personal strengths. Recognizing and leveraging our strengths offers myriad benefits:

  1. Enhanced well-being: Playing to our personal strengths fosters authenticity and alignment, enhancing our overall well-being.
  2. Engagement: Utilizing strengths can lead to increased engagement, evoking feelings of accomplishment.
  3. Improved resilience: With a solid foundation in our inherent strengths, facing and overcoming challenges becomes easier.

Yet, surprisingly, a significant portion of people remains unaware of their strengths, which affects their performance and overall life quality.

Character Strengths – Delving Deeper

Rather than just skills, we’re referring to inherent character strengths, a key component of Positive Psychology. These encompass 24 individual strengths classified under six virtues, each representing what’s best in us.

Wondering how to identify these strengths? Two ways to embark on this self-discovery journey include:

  1. An online test at
  2. A guided personal reflection, which offers a deeper, more personalized experience. If this resonates with you, reach out for a more detailed, guided session.

Regardless of the method, remember this isn’t about labeling but understanding and growing. It’s about resonating deeply with certain strengths and using them as a foundation for self-worth.

Reflection and Application

To truly benefit from understanding our personal strengths, it’s essential to reflect and integrate them into our daily lives. Consider:

  1. Identifying strengths that you inherently resonate with.
  2. Assessing their presence in various life domains – work, relationships, community, etc.
  3. Finding ways to amplify these strengths in daily actions and interactions.

In Conclusion

Just as six simple Lego bricks can be combined in almost a billion unique ways, our unique combination of strengths, values, and experiences offer limitless potential. By recognizing and embracing these, we can find our true value and purpose, making our mark in the world.

Let’s embark on this enriching journey of self-discovery together. Share your insights and experiences – they could be the inspiration someone else needs!

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