Welcome to ‘Be Happy Abroad: How to live a fulfilling & meaningful life as an International’, your podcast for knowledge, tips and inspiring stories on living happily as an international or expat. We delve into topics like cultural adaptation, overcoming language barriers and typical challenges encountered in an international & intercultural life, creating fulfilling connections and maintaining ties to home. We provide actionable insights and practical tips for every stage of your expat journey. Whether you’re considering moving abroad, freshly arrived in a new country, or a seasoned expat, ‘Be Happy Abroad’ is your essential resource for living and working abroad successfully.

You’ll find a diverse combination of short & crisp solo episodes, inspiring stories from global citizen all over the world, and interviews with experts in their field. Our expert guests include experienced expats, intercultural trainers, and global life, career & relationship coaches. They openly and generously share their experiences to guide you on your multicultural journey. By focusing on issues faced by internationals & expats worldwide, we aim to help our listeners not only survive but thrive in their new environment. Subscribe to ‘Be Happy Abroad’ for an exploration of global living and proven strategies for achieving happiness abroad.

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Building a Resilient Mindset: Navigating Expat Life with the 3P’s Framework

Dive into the transformative world of the 3P’s of resilience by Martin Seligman. Uncover how your explanatory style shapes your life experiences and learn to harness personalization, permanence, and pervasiveness for a more resilient, fulfilling life. Join us for enlightening insights and practical tips in this exploration of positive psychology.


Speak up: Overcoming language barriers in global workplaces

Language barriers present unique challenges and opportunities. Whether you’re an international employee feeling excluded, or a local adapting to a more diverse workplace, understanding both perspectives is key to fostering an inclusive environment. This podcast episode delves into these challenges and offers practical solutions for both internationals and locals.


Crafting a compelling vision amidst uphill struggles abroad

Embarking on an international adventure often carries unexpected career challenges. But what if the key to navigating these hurdles lies in crafting a compelling vision for your future? Dive into a transformative journey of resilience, clarity, and hope, as we unveil the profound impact of visualizing your aspirations, both in your career and personal life abroad.