Finding Solace in Kindness amidst Global Unrest

These are difficult times, times that test our ability to stay grounded and compassionate amidst the chaos. Tap into the power of the loving kindness meditation and acts of kindness to find solace.

Crafting a compelling vision amidst uphill struggles abroad

Embarking on an international adventure often carries unexpected career challenges. But what if the key to navigating these hurdles lies in crafting a compelling vision for your future? Dive into a transformative journey of resilience, clarity, and hope, as we unveil the profound impact of visualizing your aspirations, both in your career and personal life abroad.

Thriving Abroad: The Key to Unlocking Expat Happiness

Navigate through the unique highs and lows of expat life as we explore the PERMA model, self-redefinition, and cultivating resilience. Discover actionable insights to not only survive but thrive with joy and purpose amidst new cultures and environments. Your pathway to genuine happiness and belonging in foreign lands awaits!

Beyond Culture Shock: What causes the expat struggles

In Episode 1, we unwrap the hidden layers of expat life beyond the anticipated culture shock. Through a mixture of my personal story and scientific methods, we reveal the unforeseen stresses and emotional undercurrents of international transitions. Dive deep with us to unveil the unseen, equip yourself with resilience, and gracefully navigate the ebbs and flows of a life overseas.

How to Be Happy Abroad: Exploring the Be Happy Abroad Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of “Be Happy Abroad.” In this inaugural episode, we’ll dive into what this podcast is all about, what you can expect in terms of content and format, and a little introduction to your host, Franziska. So, whether you’re an expat, aspiring expat, or just curious about the international and intercultural lifestyle, let’s get started!